PS4 KLD-004 Slim Disc Not Spinning Bluray Drive Fault Repair Sensor

PS4 KLD-004 issue with the Playstation 4 Slim Model where the bluray drive doesn’t spin when a game is inserted, goes in and ejects fine but doesn’t spin or read disc. PS4 game not spinning when inserted.


0:00​ Intro
0:07​ Animation
0:28​ Overview of the fault
0:57​ Disc not spinning
2:37​ Removing the top of the PS4 Bluray Drive
3:08​ Identifying the KLD-004 Disc Detection Board
3:54​ Replacement Part from
4:08​ Removing the old KLD-004 Board
4:54​ Desoldering the faulty disc detection board
5:46​ Fitting the replacement KLD-004 Board
6:31​ Testing the disc detection on PS4 Slim
7:25​ Summary & Outro
9:27​ Endlinks


Intro video: Animation:
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