Can I Fix? Neo Geo CD : Part 1 – No Power

First of my 4 faulty consoles from Japan repair. Looking at the Neo Geo CD for the first time, a system I’ve never owned before and never worked on. Good fun to open this up and make some progress. Neo Geo CD Yellow Wire Neo Geo CD No Power

———————— SHOUT OUTS ————————

Beaps73 – supplying me with a SNK Power Supply

———————— CHAPTERS ————————

0:00​ Intro
0:08​ Animation
0:28​ Overview of the Neo Geo CD
1:05​ Neo Geo CD Power Connector
1:28​ 3rd Party Replacement Neo Geo CD Power Supply
3:51​ Testing the Neo Geo CD
5:53​ Testing the Power Supply Muiltimeter
7:06​ Opening up the Neo Geo CD
10:19​ Don’t cut the Yellow Wire
15:16​ Giving it a Test
17:36​ Summary & Outro & Testing the CD
21:10​ Endlinks
———————— MUSIC ————————
Intro video:
Animation: Goodwins Place
Video Background & Credits: