The Best Nintendo Game Boy DMG IPS V4 Screen Mod OSD Repair & Install

SHORT VERSION COMING SOON: A short version just showing the step by step of the IPS V4 screen installation guide will be available shortly and linked from here. In this video I take a broken Game Boy and repair it to a working position before using parts from this to reshell and build an IPS V4 DMG Nintendo Game Boy with amazing quality screen with on screen display and adjustable colours.

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0:00​​ Intro
0:06​​ Animation
0:26​ Overview of the video and thanks to Danester
2:56​ Repairing the DMG Game Boy
6:38​ Testing the repair
8:08​ Testing the Voltage and Cleaning contacts
13:40​ It’s Alive!
17:09​ Review of Ali Express Game Boy IPS V4 Screen Mod
23:22​ Installing the IPS V4 Game Boy Screen
36:27​ OSD IPS V4 overview
42:00​ Wrap up and thoughts
43:21​​ Endlinks

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Intro video: Animation: Goodwins Place
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♬: Like Before by INTL.CMD​
♬: Reflexion by Props​
♬: Nightstop – Harrison Ford

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