RPi2DMD Tutorial English Game Room Clock LED Panel Raspberry Pi Setup

An review and run through of my RPi2DMD Tutorial English. Great looking game room Clock Display that shows time, date, weather and 5,100 animated GIFs. English tutorial for RPi2DMD. Please note I’m not associated with RPi2DMD project in any other way than making this video. It is your choice if you choose to use this software and make the donation or locate other software options.


P4 LED Panels (X 2)
– AliExpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33021…​ £3.46 (x2 = £6.92)
– Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ELaYrq​ £23.19 (x2 = £46.38)
LED Interface board
– SmallCab (France) http://www.smallcab.net/rpi2dmd-contr…​ (€8.90) £7.98
Interface board battery – CR1220 5 lithium batteries 3V https://amzn.to/3b3mZV3​ £2.00
Panel Power Supply
– 5V 10A 50W Switching Power Supply https://amzn.to/32t8SEC​ £14.99
Raspberry Pi + 32GB SC Card
– CeX (Used) https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?i…​ £18.00 https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?i…​ £12.00
– Amazon Complete Package (New) https://amzn.to/31ByY97​ £69.99
Total Price:
Depending on where you buy parts from £61.89 – £141.34


Developers Details for RPi2DMD Project, please use the following details for downloads of software and the 5,100 GIF package. https://1fichier.com/dir/icK5nneQ​ (French)
https://www.neo-arcadia.com/forum/vie…​ Software – Charityware / Careware donation of a minimum of € 10 paid to a charity of your choice, evidence to be sent to one of the developers. 5,100 GIF Packs (Suggested)
– Contact elLuigi with a payment of € 15 for the download: https://www.neo-arcadia.com/forum/vie…
el Luigi Contact
Neo-Arcadia: https://www.neo-arcadia.com/forum/mem…
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC9w4H2…

French Tutorial: https://youtu.be/TR7Z-THvE1I

Framekits are available: https://www.neo-arcadia.com/forum/vie…


0:00​ Intro
0:20​ Animation
0:40​ Overview of Project
1:36​ RPi2DMD Parts List
4:54​ Assembly of RPi2DMD Kit
5:24​ Overview of the software
7:04​ Setting up the SD Card
9:01​ Changing the settings on the RPi2DMD System
12:57​ Summary & Outro
14:12​ Endlinks


Intro video:
Animation: Goodwins Place
♬: https://soundcloud.com/lunaefelis


NOTE ————————————————————————– I’m testing affiliate links in the my Amazon parts list, I will never suggest any item that I do not either use or support myself. You will never pay any more for an item due to a link in my video.