NESmaker Ep1 : A New Beginning Building My Own NES Game Series

This is the start of a new project series where I attempt to build my own Nintendo NES Game using the NESmaker software platform. Please if you have any interest in this project support the NESmaker developers – The New 8-bit Heroes. If you have any ideas for what I can build when I’m finished with the NESmas series please let me know in the comments below.

———————— NESmaker ————————
NESmaker Website:
12 Days of NESmas Tutorial Series:…
The 2020 NESmaker Byte-Off Awards:…
Thank you to Joe Granato (The New 8-bit Heroes) for the permission to use the NESmaker promo content in my video.

———————— CHAPTERS ————————
0:00​ Intro
0:05​ Animation
0:28​ Overview of the Project
0:43​ Intro to NESmaker
1:31​ NESmaker Promo Clip – Permission Joe Granato
2:00​ Exciting Times Ahead
5:00​ 12 Days NESmas Tutorials
6:43​ Character Development
9:40​ Summary & Outro & Testing the CD
11:17​ Endlinks

———————— MUSIC ————————
Intro video:
Animation: Goodwins Place
Video Background & Credits: