BEST Neo Geo CD Control Pad Repair | Controller Microswitch Part 2

Part 2 in my Neo Geo CD Control pad repair, this repair is a much more long standing repair rather than just cleaning out whilst in position.


Neo Geo CD Control Pad sent to me by HoratioVanBasten:…​ Watching during repair GamesZone Birdroom:…

0:00​ Introduction
0:06​ Intro Animation
0:26​ Overview of Repair
1:16​ Neo Geo CD Control Pad teardown
4:22​ Desoldering the Neo Geo CD Control Pad Microswitches
5:05​ Soaking the switches in electrical contact cleaner
6:42​ Soaking the switches in Isopropyl alcohol
8:04​ Testing out the pad
08:50​ Review of the repair
11:52​ Endlinks
Intro video:
Animation: Goodwins Place
Video Background & Credits: Krazoa by Digital Cait Sith